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AKS-Labs is focused on creating powerful and easy to use solutions for getting valuable information out of files created with popular office tools.  AKS-Labs was founded in 2000 and now is focusing on creating powerful and easy to use solutions for getting valuable information out of files created with popular office tools. The most known project is Compare PDF, file compare product.


Headquarters of AKS-Labs are located in Raleigh, USA.
The company also has a branch in Moscow, Russia.

AKS-Labs  is a member of Association of Shareware Professionals since 2001. 



Common AKS benefits

Developed products include wide range of reporting means that's why collaboration is easy with AKS tools. 


AKS products are used widely. Home based professionals as well as representatives of departments of large companies found our products easy to install, configure and use. It doesn't require much time to integrate our products into your workspace.



AKS web-site

AKS is interested in providing our users with cutting edge information. We highlight publications and researches of well-known IT professionals. Our specialists always looking for writing about new solutions, including different applications of our software, job or industry related usage specificity. 


AKS Support Service

AKS-Labs operates a 24-hour Customer Service Center. It acts as a single point of entry for all implementation and product-related queries. Our intention is to ensure that your service requests are prioritized and resolved in an efficient and timely manner. Read more about AKS-Support.


Our mission

Our mission is to bring information closer to you and make it work for your business.

Our product line includes:

Click to view Compare PDF screenshots Click to view screenshots of Compare PDF

Compare PDF - PDF file and folder comparison tool with reporting ability;

Files Search Assistant - effective file and text search tool;

Advanced PDF Manager - special tool for effective management of PDF files;

Another AKS-Labs' solution is a file security utility  - QuickWiper;

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Contact Information

Contact Person: Robert Elliott (contact via web-form)

2501 Blue Ridge Road, Suite 250, 
Raleigh, NC 27607
Phone/fax: 1-877-257-4555


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Compare PDF Home Page: 


Compare PDF. About AKS-Labs

AKS-Labs Support Service

AKS-Labs Contact Info


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