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AKS Support Service

AKS-Labs operates a 24-hour Customer Service Center. It acts as a single point of entry for all implementation and product-related queries. Our intention is to ensure that your service requests are prioritized and resolved in an efficient and timely manner.

What do AKS do with support query? Getting problem description. Looking for existent solution. Analyzing query. Software problems. Replying query.AKS welcomes you as a valued member of our customer base.  

Objective of Customer Support Service

Our objective is to provide you with first class customer service through an experienced, dedicated team, operating in an innovative and delivery-focused customer service culture. You can contact the AKS Customer Service Center by telephone, fax, email or Web site at:

US Toll Free Phone Number: +1 866-2575227 (1-866-AKS-Labs)

Fax: +1 866-2575227

Web Site:


  Address: AKS-Labs

2501 Blue Ridge Road, PDF 150,

Raleigh, NC 27607

Phone/fax: 1-877-257-4555

Contacting Support Service

Before contacting AKS Support

Before contacting AKS support it might be useful to visit product’s web page and browse it for necessary information. All the AKS products have a home page with useful sections: Solutions and Support.

  • “Solutions” is a section where you can find useful solution information about product usage and application.
  • “Support” section contains on-line product manual, frequently asked questions and knowledge base searching function.

When contacting AKS-Labs

When contacting AKS please make sure you know and put following information into your support query:

  • Version of used software. Run any AKS software, select “About” command in Help menu to access about dialog. There is product name and version information;
  • OS and computer you are running. OS is operational system – Windows XP or 2000. Click on “My Computer” icon to find out more about your computer and OS you are running;
  • Screenshot or text of error message;

Also, please, let us know you name and your company.

What do AKS do with support query?

Getting problem description

When contacting AKS you should put detailed query description in your message so we can start analyzing it.

If you contacting AKS by phone and your query require further consideration, then we will ask you to contact us by e-mail or use our on-line contact form.

Using e-mail or on-line contact form is preferable way to contact AKS.

Once we have your support query we try to learn the problem in details and suggest you solution.

Looking for existent solution.

When we have a query described in details our technical specialists start analyzing it. The first step is to find out if some other user even contacted us with the same query, so if your query is not unique we can answer you fast by citing of our knowledge base.

Analyzing query. Solution required.

If our analysis shows that user needs some usage solution for our software then we starts solution research.

  • Common solution. If the described problem is common and most other users would like to apply new solution, then we add described problem to our to-do lists for further implementation.
  • Specific solution. We can suggest you create some custom version of our software, if solution that you asking for is specific and cannot be applied to other users. In this case we are trying to suggest the best solution for your needs without unnecessary funds spending.
  • Known solution. In most cases you’ll find useful existent solutions. We will recommend you an article that describe industry and job applied solutions based on our software.

Analyzing query. Software problems.

If we get query that is a bug report, then our task is to find out the reason of the problem and solve it. This process involves several steps and usually requires from one to tree business days:

  • We will emulate the problem on our computers so we can find out the reason of the problem and fix it;  

  • If the problem was emulated then we can find out the reason of this problem – if it is software problem, settings problem or problem of user machine;  

  • Once we know what the problem is we can: recommend solution that will help to fix this problem, suggest some solution to avoid this problem, start software bug fixing process for this problem.

Replying query

The result of contacting AKS support is the solution of the problem and/or the information about estimate progress of problem fixing.

Usually is takes from 1 to 3 business days to suggest the final solution for the user.




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